Tooth fairy ideas to tickle the imagination of your little one(s)

tooth fairy dream

How did the tooth fairy get here so soon…

I have boy/girl twins who just turned 5.  My little girl just lost her first tooth!  Her twin brother is so disappointed. He is now pulling and prodding his teeth in hopes that one will soon fall out. So, it was time for the tooth fairy…

I love these new phases that my babies go through.  I know, I know!  They are 5 now, so technically they are not babies anymore 🙁  Nevertheless, these new phases always give me the chance to explore what is new.


Cute Tooth Fairy Ideas

tooth fairy box

Adorable Storage Box

tooth fairy wooden keepsake

Wooden Milk Tooth Keepsake

tooth fairy tin box

Milk tooth tin

tooth fairy tin

Milk tooth tin

As soon as my baby girl’s tooth started to loosen, I took it as a golden opportunity to begin my quest to make losing teeth a wonderful experience for me, I meant my babies. I found these adorable ideas.  The two little tin boxes are to put the tooth in.   The larger storage boxes can be used for the gift, and these Wooden Milk Tooth Keepsake boxes will allow you to hold onto your memories forever.

Tooth Fairy Printables

I also found these wonderful printables from SunshineParties on  What an incredibly way to track the journey and to share touching memories with your children when they grow up.

tooth fairy printable girls

Chic tooth fairy set for girls

tooth fairy printable boy

Adorable printable set for boys


Wishing you a wonderful experience along this new path!


What is your favourite part of planning his new phase in your child’s life?

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